“All you need is love” is written on one of my daughter’s flower pots. Standing in the kitchen at the sink, my gaze falls on this sentence again and again. The Beatles sang about it years ago. Even the Beatles show by the world-famous Cirque Du Soleil is called “All you need is love”. But – what kind of love do we need to be really happy and content?

I’ve been writing my new book for days. In line with today’s topic, it’s about the connection and love … to myself. One thing I realized as being true. Love from the outside tends to lead to dependency. Many of us have already gone through this little game by depriving our partner of love for a certain period of time. There are always two losers, which usually becomes clear to one of the two participants a little faster than the other. This person then takes the first step towards reconciliation and everything is fine again. But this example shows that love from the outside is not necessarily desirable. Don’t get me wrong – loving another person or animal or being loved yourself is a beautiful thing. But it is always based on this dependency and the question – what if the other person no longer loves me?

I think we all know comedian Robin Williams (Mrs. Doubtfire). He was truly loved by most of the world. Nevertheless, he took his own life. Because he didn’t manage to build up a love that is independent of any external influence. Self-love. Can I accept and love myself the way I am in this moment? Can I be thankful for myself and my life? Can I lovingly accept any situation and spend hours with myself in silence? Most of us can’t do that anymore. The lure of Netflix, social media, friend invites, and so on are all enticing. And beautiful as they are, they all only distract us from one thing. The time with ourselves. That’s why I wish you a little more time with yourself in this week. Go for it and give yourself the gift of some more self-love.