“Are you aware of where you are in life?” I asked our German Caribbean rebel community last Monday in our community call.

The question is so important that I want to ask it to you today. According to author Michael Beckwith, there are four states of consciousness. Weird word, I know. Just read them through and think about where you are right now and where you might want to go.

  1. Victim Consciousness

From the victim point of view, they are always … the victim. Everyone else is stupid, guilty and incompetent. Negative thoughts and whining characterize the everyday life of these people. You always see the fault in the other person.

  1. Manifester Consciousness

In this phase you step on the gas. Lots of goals, lots of work, lots of force. You realize more and more that life consists of give and take. Likewise, you have the first touch points with personal development, positive thinking and you realize that you can change reality through your imagination.

  1. Channeler Consciousness

After all the “hard work” from phase two, you begin to realize that there’s more to life than helping other people achieve their goals and you only sleeping three hours a day. You realize that everything in life is for you and not against you. You start to overcome your ego more and more and have nicer relationships because they are no longer based on lack or “you have to make me happy” thinking.

  1. Being Consciousness

You become one with life. You are aware that everything and everyone is “one” and all the drama in life is a grand illusion of your own thoughts. You begin to live in the here and now and realize that everything just “is” (neither good nor bad) and that there is only one point in time that you can actively determine. The now. No more whining about yesterday or tomorrow.

Through these four phases, it became clear to me why I simply no longer wanted to have contact with some people, since our phases of consciousness differ to a maximum extent. Get me right – this isn’t about better or worse, right or wrong. It’s just about which conversations I want to give my lifetime to. The wailing victims or the people who take a different direction.

Now how do you get into another phase where you trust more, where you are more connected and where you reach your goals more easily? Through awareness. You may realize that there is another way besides working your ass off. Be aware – the system you used in phase two will not help you to successfully tackle phase three. The techniques just don’t work anymore. In addition, since each phase takes about 7-8 years until you have really successfully passed it, constant repetition is the key to progressing in these phases. Rationally, you may already understand the new path today, but you don’t yet live it in everything you do.

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