“The real value of the Masterclass is not in the content, but in…” 

Have you ever had a situation in which you assumed something specific and ended up getting something completely different, which exceeded the actual value many times over?

Maybe you don’t know exactly what I mean by that. Short story; two years ago I invested in myself. How exactly? I booked Bob Proctors Masterclass. At the time, I no longer had any motivational lectures at companies due to Covid, my lifelong dream in the Porsche Arena was lost for the same reasons, and the world was on the bottom economically. Was this rationally a good time to invest money in myself? Some would say YES, others NO. Fact of the matter is; whatever you invest in your personal development you will always own. No human being, pandemic or anything else can take that personal development away from you. From my point of view, this is the most sensible and crisis-proof investment of all times.

Rationally I had known that, but my bank account didn’t care about that truth at the time. Because “$25 TSD for 25 weeks” was on the table for the Masterclass. Did i have the money? No. Still, one thing I knew: through Bob Proctor’s teachings, that money would soon be in my bank account. Then the first call came, Bob greeted our exclusive group in a friendly way and said:

“The real value of the Masterclass isn’t in the content, it’s in the connections and contacts you get to make over those months.”

At first, I was a little shocked. “What? The connections and contacts are supposed to be the most valuable thing about the Masterclass? To meet and connect with random people, I’m paying $25 TSD? I can also meet them on Facebook or other platforms for free?!?” My Swabian mind was a bit confused. Well, trust is the first step to success.

Let’s jump back from then to now. The money for the Masterclass came to me so easily and simply within a few days through two new clients that I still laugh about it today. The money was there before the credit card was charged.

What about the people I got to know there? People who, like me, have invested their money in themselves and with whom I have exchanged ideas. Some of the contacts have remained. Till today. We continue to exchange information regularly. In these countless and profound conversations with my “soul mates” from London, Las Vegas, Rio de Janeiro … came insights and tips that have often brought me to the next level of my development. They saved my fascinating relationship with Anke. They gave me the courage to just do things instead of bouncing them in my head back and forth. The introvert in me suddenly became bolder and showed himself more on the outside, which in turn had a positive impact on my customers, who booked me again for motivational keynote speech or ordered my book for their participants. And so forth. And so on.

My friend; everything you want to have in your life tomorrow, today belongs to someone else. The good news is that God doesn’t have to bring anything new to earth. Everything is already here. The land for the new house, the new job, the new relationship, the money for the raise, the next idea for your project. Everything is already here. Now how do you get there? Through people you connect with. Not because you have to, but because they are just like you are. Something connects you on a soul level. And your mind can’t really tell what exactly it is.

Why on earth do you still get my fascination letter (i.e. this beautiful piece of writing you are reading right now) every week? What keeps you going? And why haven’t you clicked “unsubscribe” yet? There must be something. So, why are you just sitting on the bench instead of getting into the game? Into your game? With the right people. With the right content. To keep growing. Are you still telling yourself that a private mentoring is too much money? That it “just” doesn’t work right now? When everything is getting more expensive? What if it gets worse? You have the money. Everyone has money. The only question is what you use it for. For clothes, going to the cinema, going out to eat, festival tickets, vacation or for your own development within to build the foundation for your wishes and goals?

Historically, the raising of Jesus Christ from the dead is celebrated today on Easter Sunday. Wouldn’t it be time for your personal awakening? For your resurrection from the tired, helpless and lethargic people who have caught the wave of negativity over the last few months? It’s your time. Today is your time. Now is your time. How will you use it? Keep whining and hoping or make a clear decision for yourself?

If I had looked at Bob’s price only, I would not have said yes. However, I felt the benefit and can say today that it was the best decision of my life. And I would do it again anytime. What do you do? Fire off the next excuse or finally act? One thing keeps you where you are right now. The other brings you closer to the person you see when the lights go out at night and you are all alone with your thoughts. The person you would like to be (again). Book your 1:1 Mentoring now!