How is your weekend so far? Mine is top notch. I’ve been attending Mary Morrissey’s “Dream Builder” workshop since Friday. Mary used a nice image on Friday:

“We all live in a box – literally. Your house is a box. Four walls and a lid. You drive to work in a box. You look into a box all day long. And at the end of your life you end up in a box too. Really? That’s all? There has to be more to life… very few people leave this box.”

Do you ever feel a little bit boxy? Constricted, crushed and with far too little air to breathe? I used to have that all the time. This narrowness that I had created for myself and convinced myself that “normal people” do it that way. It just wasn’t my box. So, my first act was to blow off the lid.

If you also want to lift the lid of your box (or even blow it off right away), but don’t know how exactly to do it otherwise, I have a useful idea for you.

Do it with a lot of gratitude for your current box. “Say what? Why should I be thankful for something I don’t like?” you might be thinking. Because then the pressure disappears. Always working against something takes a lot of strength. And you can save yourself that.

Have an attitude of gratitude.