As we near the end of an incredible week aboard a private yacht in Egypt, returning to port after countless beautiful encounters with free dolphins, a phrase comes to mind, one that a speaker in Birmingham mentioned last week.

“Those who control the story control the world.” This statement comes from Jim Morrison, the singer of the rock band The Doors. You know, we all tell ourselves a story every day. Some recount the story of yesterday, while others envision the possible story of tomorrow. And only a few live the truth, also known as “Life,” in the here and now.

Are you aware that you are writing your own story, right now, in this very moment? Everything that has happened before is merely a story that once was. Everything that is yet to come is a possibility – in other words, a story – that may unfold. However, your future is determined by how you think, feel, and act in your present, here and now. You are writing your future story in this moment. When you become aware of this, you regain control over your life. Because your way of thinking directly influences your feelings and actions. And that, in turn, is the foundation for an outcome. And we humans call that outcome “our life.”

So, when you start taking control of your own story, you are controlling your world of tomorrow. What do I mean by that, exactly? You decide who you give your time to. You decide which information enters your mind and heart. You decide what to do when you no longer feel motivated for your work. What if you were to reignite your passion? What if you were to step out of your comfort zone and dive back into the magic of life? The comfort zone is, in other words, a zone of fear. You fear making a wrong decision. But by not making a decision, you are still making one. You are deciding that everything is okay as it is. No, it’s not okay. You might be burnt out, exhausted, or simply tired. Your contribution to this world is too valuable to sink into mediocrity. You are better than that. We need you at your full strength. When will you embrace your true greatness and move back towards joy and power. 

Take the time you need to rejuvenate. And if that doesn’t work? Well, that’s where my passion comes in: supporting people in believing in their true greatness and bringing joy back into their daily lives.

Keep shining, and take control of your life once again.