It could all be so beautiful if it weren’t for the daily distractions on all channels, right? This unword with C …, which occupies some people for half the day. And that for almost two years by now. Have you ever noticed that while you get upset about C … you can’t think about something else (like a more meaningful thing for your future)? As if you were holding two glasses with both hands and complaining about them all day long. Well, how many hands do you have available for something that you really want to pick up? Right. Not a single hand. And you know what – it’s good the way it is right now. Because you chose exactly this path. Otherwise you’d do it differently, right? Or is someone forcing you to deal with the bullshit on the news and in politics?

“Making a decision” always has an impact. Some people make their own decisions and too many just hand them over. To circumstances outside. To other people. To the good Lord. Whoever you hold responsible for your life. What if you allowed yourself to dream again. Bigger than ever before?

“Norman, that is currently not possible. I can’t do anything. The world doesn’t allow me to be and do it the way I wished to.” Ok. That is your point of view. For me, failure is already in the word “wished”. You know, I made up my mind what I want and just do it. In December I am booked as a speaker for a motivational lecture in Dubai. Even the Crown Prince of Dubai is present as a guest on the first evening. In January and February, I am in the Caribbean for 35 days as a speaker with my lectures and motivational workshops. In April three times in a row in Vienna. And every second day there are new inquiries for motivational lectures in Germany and abroad.

What if anything is possible? But how? Tip of the day: Hoping is for beginners. Likewise to wish for something. You have to know with every fiber of your body that it will come as you want it. The path to this trust and knowledge is like riding a bicycle. You have to practice, practice, practice and practice again. The first step is to fold up the bike stand. Otherwise you will fall straight on your nose. In your case, it means stop whining and start focusing on the things you want. Start dreaming big (again).