Who is the world’s most famous fire-breathing glam rock band? That’s right, KISS. A few days ago, I had the great pleasure of meeting the four band members and their manager, Doc McGlee, in Berlin before their concert. Of course, I also asked my usual question, “What is the key to success in life?”

Lead vocalist and founding member Paul Stanley whispered to me, “You have to find something that brings you joy and passion. Your entire life should revolve around passion and what makes things valuable. It’s the joy that accompanies you in the pursuit of your passion. This is our passion. For 50 years. Because of people like you.”

Guitarist Tommy Thayer added, “For me, it’s probably family, the great relationships and friendships.”

These words resonate with me, as you know. Do more of what truly makes you happy. I also find the idea behind KISS fascinating. Paul Stanley said, “I was an unpopular and overweight child. When KISS started, it was like I had been given the key to the candy store.” But how did the idea of the band KISS come about?

The young members of KISS were unimpressed by the concerts and shows they attended in their early years. Paul Stanley exclaimed with enthusiasm, “We had to create something where people would leave and say, ‘That was the greatest show of all time!'” Bassist and co-founder Gene Simmons added, “We strive to give people the best show of their lives. And that’s our promise. Each tour gets bigger and louder than the last. But before we put on our makeup, wear our high heels, and don our costumes, the grandeur must first exist in your mind.”

Did the band already know back then that they would sell over 100 million music albums in more than 50 years? I didn’t ask. I assume the answer would have been no. However, they knew one thing for certain. The members of KISS wanted to create a rock ‘n’ roll experience that combined music, theatrics, and pyrotechnics. They aimed to provide a unique and thrilling form of entertainment that went beyond just music. Their goal was to allow the audience to escape reality and immerse themselves in a world of rock ‘n’ roll fantasy, leaving a lasting impression on their fans. This is what made them one of the most renowned rock bands of all time.

Similar to my idea with the Porsche Arena, the classical orchestra, and a lot of emotions. I wanted to immerse people in a world of possibilities, giving them the chance to be greater than they ever thought possible. Because I believe that 99% of people live far below their true size and potential. And that’s exactly what I wanted to change.

Was the journey always easy for KISS? Absolutely not. Gene Simmons pulled out his phone and read an ancient review. A critic wrote on May 27, 1976, “I hope the four guys who make up the group, whose names don’t matter, are putting money away for their future, the near future. Because KISS won’t be around long.” Well, as history shows, he was mistaken. What if your critics are completely wrong too? It’s not important for them to see your size and strength. Remember Gene Simmons’ words: what’s important is that you see it in your mind.

So, what does all of this mean for you? If you want to follow Paul Stanley’s advice, there is only one important sentence: The journey is the destination. Have a lot of fun and passion on this path towards a specific point called the goal. When you reach it or how you reach it… who knows? But once you make that journey towards your ultimate goal, approaching it with passion and living it every day, you will immediately achieve success. You don’t have to wait for the attainment of your goal at the end of the tunnel because you’re already living the life you desire more of.

With that in mind, I send you sunny greetings from Malta and wish you a lot of fun in implementing these ideas. If you’re interested, here are some impressions from the concert.