Did you get upset again this week? Yes? Would you like to know how you can deal with such situations more easily, playfully and freely? Just ask yourself “what feels a little better?”

Let’s say you have beef with another person. You’re really desperate and you just don’t know what to do anymore. So, what to do?

You let out all the despair first. Best in the car or when you’re alone. Let out everything that comes to mind. Shout at the other one (he’s not there), reproach him for anything you can accuse him of. Get everything out. When you can’t think of anything else, you think “what feels a little better?” You want to find a feeling that feels a little better. Because going straight from despair to joy does not work.

Fear could be the next level following fear. You are scared about him or whatever else. Then you let it all out until you can’t think of anything else to express your fear. Then comes anger. Same game. Then comes frustration. Then hope. Then joy, then fascination, followed by the love and at the end comes gratitude.

You go into each emotion and let out whatever comes to mind. You work your way towards joy bit by bit from the lowest point you are right now. Step by step. Just do it. It’s easier than it reads. The respective emotions can also be built up differently for you. It is important that things get better little by little. You let everything that you have within to the outside. Because suppressed feelings are the beginning of a depression. And nobody needs that.