A participant in our workshops on Mein Schiff 6 recently gifted me a beautiful quote from the German poet and writer Khalil Gibran: “Work is visible love.” Would you endorse or even sign this quote, considering that you already live your passion? Or is there no connection between love and work in your world?

Another participant in my lectures proudly shared her Top 5 in life. These are so simple that everyone knows them. The question is, how often do we put them into practice? Here are her Top 5, along with my interpretation of her words.

  1. Good day:

A simple greeting often underestimated. How often do you take the time to wish someone a friendly “Good day” or “Hello” instead of silently passing by? The beauty of travelling on a cruise ship is that almost everyone eventually greets each other in the restaurant, corridors, or staircases.

  1. Goodbye:

A farewell is as important as the beginning of a conversation. What struck me in the USA is that people there seem very friendly. No matter which cash register you stand at, your counterpart asks, “How are you?”. Only “Goodbye” is never said. What´s the point. 

  1. You are welcome:

We all know the magic of a polite “you are welcome”. Where did it go? Often it is just a mumbling “hmmm”. Be grateful for more things in life.

  1. Thank you:

A simple “Thank you” works wonders, at least for people of our age. Because it seems increasingly difficult for people to say thank you. Everything is taken for granted and, from the perspective of many, doesn’t need to be appreciated. I think you can be very generous with “Thank you.”

  1. Give everyone a smile:

A smile is contagious and will brighten the day of every person. How often do you give a warm smile to others and yourself? Or does something wonderful have to happen first? What if you are happy for that one second in the here and now and express it on your face?

What do you think about the quote and the Top 5? How do you see the connection between work and love? Do you regularly apply the Top 5 in life? Feel free to write to me. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this.

In this spirit, I wish you a fantastic week. Anke and I are flying to New York on Tuesday for our next adventure. And it will definitely be an adventure, believe me.