Do you also know those days when getting out of bed feels a bit tougher than usual? That’s exactly how I felt last weekend. I had the opportunity to temporarily step back into my old passion as a tour and production manager and hit the road with the wonderful people of the STAHLZEIT band. Since I had hurt my back in Egypt the previous week, I was somewhat less mobile, and as a result, I ended up with a strain in my forearm muscles. Long story short, when I woke up in the tour bus in the morning, I felt like I’d been run over by a truck. With an honest and heartfelt “What a load of crap,” I slowly rolled out of bed.

Is there a trick to not let that “rough start” carry on through the rest of the day but instead start powerful into the day? 

I came up with two ideas to share with you today. Small things that can make a big difference for us leaders, provided we put them into practice alongside reading. 

The first tip comes from Admiral William H. McRaven, a former Navy SEAL. He suggests that you should make your bed in the morning after getting up. Not only does it look nicer, and you might even get a gold star from your sweetheart, but McRaven also highlights another advantage. Making your bed gives your mind its first achievement of the day. We’ve already achieved the first goal early in the morning. Ta-da!

The second tip comes from brain expert Jim Kwik. Jim advises that we should drink one to two glasses of water immediately after waking up in the morning. “The brain is composed of 80% water, and it naturally dehydrates somewhat during the night. Water helps rehydrate the brain and improve our cognitive functions, memory, and energy.” Some people mean well and drink one to two glasses of beer or wine before going to bed. I believe it doesn’t help in the way Jim Kwik means it.

So, dear Gamechanger, make your bed and drink water. I believe we can all manage that. Just try it for a few days and see how your day becomes more beautiful with each passing moment.

Enjoy drinking water and celebrating your first early success. We’ll catch up again next week.