Today, we’ll keep it short and effective. I came across the following text in Robert Collier’s book, “The Secret of the Ages”:

“Every condition, every life experience is the result of our mental attitude. We can only do what we believe is possible. We can only be what we think we can be. We can only have what we believe we can have. What we do, who we are, what we possess, it all depends on what we think. We can never express anything that we haven’t first had in mind. The secret of all power, all success, all wealth lies in thinking powerful thoughts, successful thoughts, thoughts of wealth and abundance. We must build them first in our own minds.”

In summary, this means that results only exist when you first visualize them in your mind. Only with the thought of mowing the lawn will the lawn be mowed. Please pay close attention every day to the thoughts you allow into your mind. As my mentor Bob Proctor used to say so beautifully: What you consciously do not reject is processed unconsciously. He means that you should not let anything that disturbs you, anything negative, or energy-draining enter your mind through your hearing or your sight.

“Yes, but Norman, then I would have to… give up!” Yes, exactly. Whatever your brain has just hallucinated in place of the three dots is your next task. News, gossip, negative talk about your health, my relationship, my job, some friends, and so on and so forth. All possibilities that could fit perfectly in the vacant space. Which of these drags you down every day? You could let go of that. Whether you do it today, tomorrow, or the day after doesn’t matter. Just throw overboard what harms you.

Think about Robert Collier’s introduction: “Every condition, every life experience is the result of our mental attitude.”

The beauty of it is that only one person determines what you allow into your head and, thus, what you think. Or as Vera F. Birkenbihl put it: Transform from being a brain manager back to being a brain user.

In this spirit, “Happy Thinking,” and warm regards from Marseille.