Reconnect to love and to myself

Lost my goal. Lost my people. Lost my money. Lost my will to live. And worst of all – I lost myself. Trying to please everyone else wasn’t the answer. Especially since everyone has told me I only please myself all the time. The solution? Radical emotional suppression. Isolation from any form of real emotion that would hurt me even more. Just functioning on life support mode. Sadly, the emptiness just wouldn’t go away. The light was on, but no one was home.

That was my (sad) everyday life two years ago. From today’s perspective, the cancellation of the Porsche Arena Show was the greatest gift of all time – not on the outside, but for me on the inside. Because where would I be today if I´d played the show and just gotten on with my life? I don’t particularly like the thought. Today, many months later, it has all turned around 180 degrees and I am the happiest person I can be. Not because of things that happened on the outside. But because of things that I have looked at, allowed and accepted deep inside of me. I am reconnected to myself (again). And every day it gets better. Funnily enough, this also makes everything on the outside much nicer and more beautiful.

With so much beauty, I’ve had the idea of ​​writing a second book for some time. I start today and finish it on July 16th at the latest. And that’s where I need your help.

Would you give me a few seconds or minutes of your lifetime and answer the following three questions by the end of this week at the latest:

The title of the book is: Reconnect to love and to myself

1.What would you expect in terms of content based on the title?

2.What would you wish you had found/recognized/learned when you have finished reading the book?

3.What is your biggest pain point right now related to selflove, connection, love, spirituality or even life in general that you would like to get solved? 

Thank you for your time and effort. If you prefer to send me a voice message, you are welcome to do so via all social channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.). As far as I know, there is a voice recording function everywhere and that might make it the easiest for you.