Why are we humans fearful? How is it that we are always afraid of certain things? Fear of handing over responsibility in your the company. Fear of letting go. Fear of changing something in your private life. Fear of finally look after yourself first. What’s the reason?

After my phenomenally motivating lecture for the MeinSchiff 2 crew on Friday night, I talked to some crew members and the wonderful Anke Rehfeldt about fear. What struck me is that fear usually has to do with one of three factors.

Your self-confidence, your self-worth and your self-love. Why do we find it so difficult to jump off a cliff and dive into the water? We don’t dare to do it. Why are we afraid of talking to customers? We are not aware of what an outstanding human being we are. And too often we don’t dare to say a clear no to our colleagues. Because we are afraid that we will no longer be loved.

What can you do when you feel like this? Well, just being aware does not bring you one step closer to the solution. A decision is necessary to trigger change. A decision to change your current self-image you have of yourself. Quite honestly – that is not even your own picture of yourself, but the picture you took over from your parents, classmates, teachers and those around you in your past.

How do you build a new self-image? Unfortunately, no book will help, as you would read it with your current thoughts about yourself. Only outside support can help. Similar to my video the other day “How you can change for good” 

So, if you are tired of being Mister Nice Boss and finally want to go after your wishes and dreams, then get in touch with me. 

Because I can help you 100%. If that’s what you want deep down inside. But, you don’t have to. Fear is always a nice excuse not to make a clear decision. And it’s not that bad in your life, right?!? Being a successful entrepreneur as well as a overall happy human being, might be too good to be true anyway.