What is the more useful way? Multitasking or singletasking?

For everyone who has no idea what these two words mean. Multitasking means doing umpteen things at the same time. Watching Netflix, cooking, cleaning up the kitchen and clearing out the fridge. And all more or less at the same time.

Single tasking would then be exactly the opposite. One after the other.

As a former event manager, I myself am a mega multitasker by profession. Some of our artists were spread across 15 different projects and every minute there was a question about a different project. There were moments when, like an overwhelmed computer where only the colored wheel is turning, I simply no longer knew where I was, what I wanted to do and how to continue. Do you know that?

I’ve become more of a single tasker now. Yes, there are moments when this is difficult to implement. And yet I’m getting better every day. The reason I’m doing this is simple – if the journey is the goal and I should have maximum fun along the way, then there’s no point in doing all things halfhearted, right?

Let me explain that in a little more detail. When you’re doing what you love, you’re 100% into it. When my dad makes one of his amazing animal or nature films during vacation, he immediately sends out the angry look when another passenger in the excursion jeep makes it wobble briefly and thus also causes the video recording to wobble. He loves what he does so much that he will do anything to make it good. In other words, he is in absolute joy at this moment and only on this one thing.

If you do five things at the same time, you can’t really love them all. Because what you love, you focus 100%. You listen carefully. You look closely. And when you’re multitasking, you’re just listening with one ear and watching with one eye. You are subconsciously saying “this thing is not that important to me”. Because your action shows that you can do four other things at the same time. I know you can do it. The only question is, does it make sense? Wouldn’t it be nice to give your full attention to the things that really matter to you? Then you put more love into that one thing. And this will draw love back to you instead of giving in a half heart but expecting love back. That won’t work.

So, this week, take a little more time for the things that really matter to you. You will like the result.