Saturday morning at 09:03am on a sports field in the middle of nowhere. Exactly my time. Exactly my place. Exactly my sport… My youngest has a soccer tournament. Hooray…

Luckily Kookoo is back, so my middle one is in the best of spirits. Just like the “little one”.

As I watch the hustle and bustle, my fingers tingle to call out my wise advice to the soccer field. “Luis forward”, “Luis faster”, “Luis…”. However, when I think about it, I quickly notice that the trainer is already doing it. And if there’s one thing I’m not, it’s a football coach. So I keep my mouth shut.

Advice can be good, advice can be bad. Advice is often a blow when it comes from the wrong people. In that case I would have been one of them. What do I have to offer in terms of soccer; just have a look. Since Boris Becker stopped playing for Bayern Muenchen, I am out of the game. This sentence should show you where football stands for me. Yes, in the area far behind “at the very back”. So, in the best case I could muster up dangerous half-knowledge (the round thing has to go into the square thing). Did I play myself? No. Did I analyze the game? Nope. Do I enjoy watching a game on TV? Nooo. OK. Three times no. However, I do have an opinion to offer that I could shout loudly across the field. Because from the outside I know how it works… or at least I think so.

Tip of the week: Only let people advice you who know what they are talking about and who, best of all, have not only done these things, but have also done or are still doing them successfully. Otherwise, their opinion is often a piece of advice that will not bring you a good result. If the advisor was successful in doing this (what he advices you in), then he would be successful too. Is he not? Then the advice may not be that good. Makes sense? The investment advisor who takes a bike to work because he can’t afford a car. The cleaning lady who lives in the cluttered house. The electrician whose outside light has been flickering for four months. You know what I mean. The electrician is allowed to live in the cluttered house. The cleaning lady can ride a bike and the outside light can flicker at the banker´s house. Only listen to people who demonstrate what which you would like to experience.