My personal question of the week is: “How can I learn to be happier in my everyday life?”

The question is basically completely superfluous. Because for what reason shouldn’t I be happy?

“Yes Norman, it’s not just up to me whether I’m happy…” Who else should be in charge of your happiness if not you? Who decides about your life? Every second you have the choice to decide for or against something.

I’ve just come from playing soccer with my two boys. Today I ask myself again how one can love this sport. Because we have a new ball since the day before yesterday, which is really, really hard. My foot hurts already when doing the first shot. And I wonder why you would want to take such a ball with your head?!? Anyway. At this moment I have several options.

  1. Keep playing and be mad
  2. Keep playing, smile and have fun
  3. Say goodbye to the game
  4. Get a softer ball
  5. Send the kids to get a softer ball

Do you notice how I even have more than one alternative to be happy in this moment? If I now decide to continue playing with the hard ball, that is my personal decision and I can be happy with the decision. Why? Because that’s what I decided to do. What’s the purpose of telling the kids they picked the wrong ball? Again… there are tons of alternatives to make the game more enjoyable for me. If I don’t choose this, it’s my own fault.

You know what I mean? Start realizing that your life is exactly where you want it to be. And it has nothing to do with anyone out there either. No matter what anyone else said or did. You can choose every second. If you don’t want to choose otherwise, that’s your choice too. Then be happy with what is right now. Because you created it 100%.