How often have I done something a couple of times and then immediately expected a result? “I’ve already told her three times that I love her, I’ve brought flowers, I’ve patted her back … And nothing comes back. She probably doesn’t love me. ”And the next step is my withdrawal.

Well seriously; Have you ever been to the gym, worked out for an hour, then stood in front of the mirror and looked at yourself? Yes? What´d you see? Yes, good question. Let me help you. You saw nothing. Nothing. Then you went back the next day. Trained for another hour. Went back in front of the mirror … and … again saw nothing. There was no physical change in you. The fat belly is still there, the muscles in the arms are nonexistent and the thighs … well, different topic. Did you then give up because you thought it would be of no use anyway? Maybe. But what about a person who trains every day? Someone that doesn´t go to training to see a result after an hour, but because he has fun training? Will he see a change over time? Yes. Definitely.

Back to the topic. How many times do you have to tell someone you love them until you get what you want? Isn’t the gift itself being with the person instead of waiting for an answer and only then feeling good about yourself? Are you so needy and dependent on someone else’s feedback? After all my experience, let me tell you one thing. Success is not what you perceive on the outside at some point. Success is my own attitude towards what I’m doing right now. Bringing success in all things you do. And not because you are waiting for a result at the end of the day, but because you love what you do. Change of perspective is the magic word. Give it a try. I do this every day – sometimes more successfully, sometimes less successfully. Sticking with it creates permanent change. Bring love and joy into every second of your being and you will have immediate success.