Here I am now – Thursday night at 11:55 PM in a field in Königsberg, Germany. The field appears dull and gray, but I’m standing in front of a bus. A tour bus. And as I stand here, I recall my childhood room and my first vision board. Every poster on the wall, every picture, represented a goal I had. Back then, I wanted to be like my hero (in this case, Michael Dudikoff). Let’s fast forward. Am I saving the world today, just like Michael Dudikoff always did in his movies? If I think outside the box, the answer is a clear yes. Although I’m not doing it with weapons, I’m doing it with words and my energy.

So, what does this have to do with the field and the tour bus? Years ago, when I was still an event manager, I had a dream. I wanted to go on tour with a great artist who touched people’s hearts. Why? Because back then, I thought I didn’t have talent for the stage myself. What I did have in abundance, however, was the energy and the willingness to be a fantastic assistant to those very people who did have talent. I wanted to support these Gamechangers and make their positive ripple effect even greater. In other words, I wanted to have their backs so they could do what they were meant to do. Did I achieve that goal back then? Yes, a hundredfold. Whether it was tours with PUR, Hans Klok, Manowar, or over 400 conversations with Michelle Obama, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Alicia Keys, KISS, and many others – I have repeatedly achieved this goal. 

Today, I use this know-how in the field of “inspiring and captivating people.” My mental database and life experiences are incredibly vast and diverse, to the point that some of my CEO clients call me the walking almanac. I have a solution for everything when it comes to inspiring oneself or others and moving them towards a goal. I’m proud to advise CEOs, captains, and people-oriented leaders who want to leave a ripple effect in their work on this world but find themselves stuck somewhere along the way. Do I occasionally return to my old passion for tour life? Yes, of course. I learn valuable things every time I do.

Why am I telling you this story? Because I’m a manifestation genius. I set my mind to something and often achieve my goals at record speed. Like this current tour. My wish became a reality in just a few weeks. Why? Because I know exactly what I want. And how do I accomplish it? By maintaining a clear focus on my goal and adhering to the three most important letters: A C T. I start moving and only stop when the goal is reached. With toughness? No, with gentleness, fun, and joy. To achieve that, the most crucial factor is enjoying the journey. If you see the path to your goal as a burdensome obstacle, you have the wrong energy to reach your goal easily, quickly, and effortlessly. Then you can only achieve it through “hard work.” Let’s be honest – the path is only there because you set that specific goal. So, if the path is difficult and unpleasant, consider changing your goal. Then the path you dislike will no longer exist, and you’ll be healed. My friend, it’s your goal and therefore your path. “But Norman…” No, no more “buts.” Your goal, your path, your decision, your life. You know, my old self often pointed fingers at others and complained about how tough the path was (the path I had chosen myself!). It’s really crazy how much easier life becomes when you start doing more of what makes you happy.

Now I’m getting on board before my dream departs without me. Because if I miss my dream (the bus), it’s solely my responsibility. Next time, I’ll just have to get my butt up earlier, move faster, or talk less to be on the bus at 11:59 PM and then drive toward the sunrise at midnight.

In that spirit… Greetings from the road. I’m out of here.