Your life is a summary of the things you believe about yourself. So, it would be wise to start thinking more positively about yourself and the world, right? If you agree you will do this for a few seconds or minutes after reading this. And my guess is that by tomorrow at the latest, the idea of ​​positive thinking will have given way to your everyday life. Why is it so difficult for us to think positively all the time? 

The main reason is in your brain. Because your conscious mind can only focus on 5-7 things at a time. That’s why you freak out when you’re doing too many things at the same time and then someone comes around the corner and tells you a story about something less important or distracts you in any other way.

Look, thousands upon thousands of influences are pouring in on you through your five senses every second. Your subconscious mind perceives all of these and then decides which of them are important for your actions and survival right now. These 5 – 7 are then consciously perceived by you. Take your feet for example. Are they on soft or hard ground? The question now sends a command from your brain to your feet asking you to briefly give feedback on how the floor feels at the moment. The information goes back to the brain and then you are able to give me an answer to my question. In just a few seconds, that conscious awareness of the underground is gone because your brain doesn’t see this information as vital anymore. The focus goes back to the things that really matter to you in that moment.

What your brain also does is to give a rating of whether the ground feels good or bad for you. And that meaning comes automatically to everything you consciously perceive.

So, the key to lasting positive thinking is to see something good behind everything that is. Because only your own evaluation makes it something good or bad. It’s up to you to change this rating.