This week seems to be dominated by two words. “I am”. These were the subject of our Caribbean Rebels Call, an entrepreneur coaching session and I also wrote a chapter about them for my new book. This point is life changing.

“I am” defines who you are inside and how you see yourself in this world. I don’t mean standard answers like “I’m a speaker”, “I’m a coach” or anything else. That’s what I do during the day. Who or what am I from a holistic point of view? Because the fact that I am a speaker says nothing about the rest of my life. You realize that the answer to the question who you are may be bigger than you thought.

Years ago, cosmetic surgeon Maxwell Maltz discovered that everyone has two self-images. One is how you see and feel inside. The other is what you show the world through your looks, your job, etc. on the outside. However, what you call life is only defined by a self-image. Well, which one could that be?

Do you know people who make a big fuzz outside, but in a conversation they are interesting like a dry sponge? And do you know people who come across as quite inconspicuous? However, as soon as they smile or start talking to you, you feel an uncanny warmth and presence. Everything you currently have in life is the result of your inner view of yourself as a human being in this universe. In order to find out what kind of image you have of yourself, you can simply look at your current life. How does it look there? Are you healthy, happy, balanced, se@y, safe, free… whatever is important to you? No? Then congratulations. You have found the reason why this is so. You have a pretty lame picture of yourself inside. “Norman, I don’t really see myself that badly.” My friend, the result (your current life) doesn’t lie. Sowing and reaping. The harvest cannot be different from the seed. Shit in = shit out. “And what do I do now?” Change your self-image. Gain a new “I am” for you. Get an understanding what is really important to you.

Enjoy the journey, greetings and have a wonderful week.