“If everything is fine, what would you do now?” This is a simple yet challenging question that I want to keep you busy for the coming days, months and maybe years. Because you can use them in any situation to see if you’re doing what you really want.

Imagine the world is perfect. You have everything you want. Health, money, job, relationship, freedom, security… Everything. So, if everything is fine, what would you do now? Would you drive to this job in the morning? Would you go back into this relationship tonight? Would you eat the food you eat? Would you share your lifetime with the people you are currently sharing it with?

“If everything is fine, what would you do now?2 

You will notice here and there that your honest answer is different from what you then actually do or wanted to do? What do you do then? Are you then the creator of your life or the victim of circumstances?

And if you now have the thought that all is not well, then let me ask you one more question. Are you sure?

Do you have a cell phone? A roof over your head? people you like? Are you sane that you can move yourself? Do you live in Europe in a social system that doesn’t let you sleep under the bridge? Five times yes? Then I would say it’s all good.

“Yes Norman, but…” No, nothing “Norman, yes but…” Stop that. Stop letting yourself be told that nothing is good. Look at the things that are beautiful. There are so many. And with this realization you ask yourself the already mentioned question again:

“If everything is fine, what would you do now?”