A question that has been following me for a few days, “Why are you wearing those blue glasses?” I always answer: “I’m wearing these turquoise-colored glasses because they change my line of vision.” The other person then usually nods and is sure; Norman needs glasses at his age. No, Norman doesn’t need glasses at his age. Because in my turquoise glasses there is window glass. Norman chooses glasses because I want to change my inner perspective in a different way.

Each of us wears invisible glasses 24 hours a day. If we think black and white for a moment, then you see the world rosy through one pair of glasses and through the other pair of glasses you see everything bad in the world. Let’s say the rose-colored glasses would be the blue glasses. Or as I say – the turquoise glasses. And the other pair of glasses through which you see all the bad would be red glasses. Do you think that just by changing the glasses – from red glasses to turquoise glasses – you would suddenly see the world in a different light? Let me guess – you’re thinking “of course not”. Because what you see through the respective glasses is still the same. But what if the glasses were a pure symbol for rethinking. What if something happened “out there” that I don’t like. What if I would then realize that I’m currently wearing red glasses. What if I started to see the good in this thing and automatically put on the blue glasses?

That’s exactly what these turquoise glasses are for. In my work as a speaker and in my lectures on mental health and mental well-being, I always take these glasses as a symbol and reminder that we can decide in every second whether we want to put on the red or the blue glasses.

You can see mowing the lawn as something downright tedious or boring. You can also see it as an opportunity to get some exercise in the fresh air. The activity (mowing the lawn) is the same. However, the thoughts are different.

That I remember this every second, I chose these turquoise glasses for myself as a speaker. The speaker with the turquoise glasses. It should be a constant reminder to me and my viewers to keep an eye out for the good in something.

If you are now interested in how I look with these glasses, take a look at my company website. You see the speaker with the blue glasses very often. Or as I would put it – the speaker with the turquoise glasses. 🙂

Have a nice week and see life a little more turquoise from today.