Our lives are journeys full of challenges, experiences, and lessons. We encounter different situations that challenge us and make us think. Have you ever thought that most of these fears, worries, and troubles are an inside job? “What do you mean by inside job?” you might ask.

The term “inside job” refers to working on our inner selves. It’s about getting to know ourselves better and taking responsibility for it. Our society and our environment (the outside) influence us greatly and can sometimes make us unhappy. We often forget that our own thoughts and actions (the inside) are the main cause of how we feel. Our fears and worries have their roots in ourselves and are not solely external.

In my first book, “I AM GRÄTER” I give an example of a horror movie. Imagine watching a horror movie on TV at night. The walk back to your bedroom through the dark house might be challenging afterwards. But what if you had watched a comedy instead? Would you still be huddled under the covers, afraid to go to your bedroom alone? Moreover, there are people who are not affected by horror movies at all. Is the fear in the movie or just in you? Once we develop a better understanding of ourselves, we can better steer our lives and make positive changes more easily.

Another fact is that our lives are full of unpredictability. Every day brings a new gift in sometimes bizarre packaging. We cannot control or predict everything that will happen to us in life. And it is absolutely normal to feel uncomfortable in an “uncertain” situation. That’s exactly the point where we can learn and grow. How? By focusing on what we can control: our attitudes and thoughts. Think of my example of the blue and red glasses. At any time, you have in your hand whether and how you change your perspective. So, it’s an inside job again.

Lastly, a positive attitude enriches our lives to the fullest. When we focus more and more on the positive (the blue glasses), it is so much easier to recognize and enjoy happy moments, rather than being led astray by negative thoughts and memories (the red glasses). We can create our own happiness by aligning our thoughts and actions with what we want to achieve in life. A positive mindset helps boost our confidence and motivation and encourages us to make the most out of our lives.

In summary, our external fears, worries, and troubles show us what’s going on inside us. Your (inside) job now is to take responsibility for your focus and thoughts. Find beautiful things, look at beautiful things, and engage with beautiful things. And there are more than enough of those in Central Europe.

Have fun recognizing the beautiful things in your life.