“That’s amazing. Since we’ve been on the call, I received a voucher,” says Joshua with a beaming smile. “And during the call, I got the confirmation from a DJane for my Magic Silence Festival in Berlin, whom I’ve always wanted to have there,” Andrea excitedly shares.

What was going on during our Caribbean Rebels community call on Monday? Our topic was that everything on this wonderful planet, and even in the universe, vibrates and has its own frequency. Just like your phone has its own number (frequency) through which I can reach you. So, if I wanted to call Arnold Schwarzenegger, I would only need to know his number. It’s not impossible to call him. It’s just difficult without knowing his number. Similarly, your dream has its own frequency. It may seem challenging from your perspective to reach it, but it already exists (similarly to Arnie’s number). To “call” your dream, you first need to know exactly what you want. Otherwise, it’s all in vain. Imagine all of this as a huge staircase. Each frequency has its own step. And just like with a staircase, one step is connected to the step below and the step above. This means that all frequencies are interconnected. To stick with the phone example: it’s like a vast phone network. Arnie’s number is no easier or harder than others. It’s just a number. And once I have it, I can easily reach him. So, it’s no longer about whether you can reach your goal in principle, but about when you will achieve it as you continue climbing the stairs. Just like dialing number by number, eventually, you would reach Arnie’s mobile.

How do you know that your goal has a higher frequency than the one you are currently on? If your goal had a lower level, you would have already passed it and achieved it. Just like on the staircase or with the phone – Arnie hasn´t answered for your first 100 trials? Then keep dialing.

And here comes the exciting part: Your goal will not come down to your current frequency – you get to raise your own vibration and climb the stairs to your goal. Just as Arnie won’t simply call you. You have to work your way up to his frequency and number. But how do you do that?

That’s exactly what we discussed in detail with the Caribbean Rebels last Monday. And during the call, the participants already raised and increased their frequency by understanding the whole concept, and the magic happened directly in their lives. As a little tip in a slightly more complex matter (for a newsletter): It has a lot to do with your beliefs. Because your deeply rooted convictions shape your vibration and determine on which step of the staircase you currently find yourself. If you give your beliefs a positive turn, you can raise your vibration and thus get closer to your dream destination. 

We’ll talk about exactly how to do that tomorrow evening. So, if you also want to experience more magic in your life and learn more about this exciting journey to higher vibrations and fulfilling goals, join the German Caribbean Rebels Call next Monday evening at 7:00 p.m. The Caribbean Rebels are an inspiring community of like-minded people who support and motivate each other under the guidance of Anke and me to realize their dreams. Feel free to sign up at karibikrebellen.de and be part of this wonderful journey.

Have a beautiful week and give my regards to Arnie if you have his number.