We just returned from our cruise. It is shortly past midnight and a day full of experiences lies behind us. The end of a lovely trip, train that did not drive, fully booked rental cars, kids that were throwing up and so on. As I already talked about the “point of view” in my video a few days ago, let me get into it again.

Your own perception on a situation determines your current state, thus also your future and ultimately your success.

Let me go a little deeper into the subject with the photographers on board (my video message). What annoyed me for two days turned into a huge gift when I changed my perception. I had great conversations with the photographers and was able to help two of them with their challenges. In addition, a lot of unique pictures were created that I can use for various things. All because I’ve changed my point of view. Away from “they just want to sell me something” to “How cool – a photo shoot with seven different photographers every evening. How can it get even better now?”

Only by changing my perception was I open to conversation. Only then did I approach these great people instead of avoiding them. As a result, they came to me with even better ideas about great photos. It is like an echo. What I shout, I will hear. If I want joy, I need to be joyful. If I want respect, I need to be respectful.

When your employees, your partner or your children bother you again, change your own perception in a positive way. You will see how their behavior towards you changes too. You must take the first step. Not for the others. But for yourself. It will be a gamechanger for sure. Try it out.

All the best and I wish you a super nice week. Because I will definitely have it. Why I know this? Well, who will determine how my week will be? If you don´t know the answer, please read the text above again. 🙂